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Information Technology

Information technology has become an increasingly important part of any business success, the Internet has forever changed how companies interact with their customers and with their partners. Additionally, the information exchanged during each interaction is strategically significant for both parties. At Aninvestment, our professionals are experts in aligning technology and information with business processes to insure that commerce is executed in the most efficient and effective manner. At Aninvestment, our professionals have successfully introduced new infrastructures, system architectures and application portfolios for dozens of clients. We are prepared to leverage our knowledge to help you:

  1. * Evaluate where technology, applications and information can create competitive advantage in your business model.

  2. * Estimate the project costs and capital investment required to transition from your current information capabilities to your desired future state.

  3. * Define your business requirements and information needs, identify viable solutions and development partners, and recommend a course of action.

  4. * Design the approach for migrating your legacy infrastructure, architecture and applications to the strategic platform.

  5. * Manage the program or projects to successful completion.

  6. * Realize the benefits originally predicted at the start of the initiative.

Aninvestment can also work with your information technology executives to assess whether the people, processes and technology are in place to sustain the solutions you envision.