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Our service gives you better result and savings, as per your requirement and you can manage youer investments from anywhere either form home or work place,any time.

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We are worldwide investment company who are committed to the principle of revenue maximization and reduction of the financial risks at investing.


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Choose from three simple starting option - cautious , balanced & adventurous.We’ll take care of the rest!

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We’ll help you pick an investment strategy that reflects your interests,beliefs and goals.

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Make sound investment decisions with the help of our research & analytical assets.The minimum deposit is $300, and maximum is $1,000,000. We pay 7 days per week. You may make additional deposits at any time. All our payments are instant payments.

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Find out what the returns on your current investments will be valued at, in future. All our issuers have obligation to pay dividends for first year regardless their financial situation that your investments are 100% secured. Calculate your profit from a share using our calculator:

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PLAN 1 (SILVER) Weekly, Monthly Returns 5%
$300 Minimum
$69,999 Maximum

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PLAN 2 (GOLD) Weekly, Monthly Returns 9%
$70,000 Minimum
$399,999 Maximum

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PLAN 3 (DIAMOND) Monthly Returns 15%
$400,000 Minimum
$1,000,000 Maximum
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Depositing or withdrawing money is simple.We support several payment methods, which depend on what country your payment account is located in.


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Unlimited maximum withdrawal amount


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Deposit – instantaneous

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Access a world of dynamic investment opportunities, buy into businesses you believe in and share in their success.You may make additional deposits at any time. All our payments are instant payments.



We’re eliminating complex user experiences.

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Enhanced security features like multi-factor

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Our goal is to simplify investing so that anyone can be an investor.Withthis in mind, we hand-pick the investments we offer on our platform.

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Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program can increase your income by receiving percentage from the purchases made by your referrals into.

Invite other users (for example, your friends, co-workers, etc.) to join the project. After registration they will be your referrals; and if they purchase any item on our web site you receive 4% reward.

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We have many happy investors invest with us .Some impresions from our Customers! PLease read some of the lovely things our Customers say about us.


Great service! I have been worried about investing. But when I came here. I don't have to worry anymore

Cynthia Mike

United kingdom, 28th April,2019

For a complete novice like me Aninvestment has given me the confidence and understanding regarding transferring currency into bitcoin then into other coins. Also how to go about setting up an offline wallet.

John Scot

United State, 28th April,2019

I want to thank The Aninvestment for getting me setup to trade cryptocurrency. It’s an exciting time in the market and with only a week of hobby level trading I’ve been making $100+ a day! Now is the time to invest.”

Koley Muah

Paraguay, 28th April,2019

Within the first few hours of signing up for the private bear den, I had doubled my yearly subscription. The information, the team, and the entire community are always so helpful. I would consider this one of the best crypto communities in the entire space!

Joy Kelley

United kingdom, 28th April,2019

“Aninvestment has been the go to source for all of the information I have obtained about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I was in the dark about all of it and I owe all of my progress to this very informative site and their team.”

Stone Bruse

United kingdom, 28th April,2019

Thanks Aninvestment, you help me make over $200,000 in 2 months. Is absolute game changer for me. Thanks.

Philip Gates

United kingdom, 28th April,2019
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The contest is based on sales from your referrals.The person with the most total referral's revenue will get the Grand Prize. The more revenue your referrals produce the bigger chance for you to be on top.

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We’re committed to making our clients successful by becoming their partners and trusted advisors .Aninvestment believes in being your trusted partner and earning that trust through confidence and performance in service and support.

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